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Temperature Controlled Storage

Climate Controlled StorageTemperature controlled units are ideal for storing your items that you wouldn’t consider storing in a “garage-like” environment. ALL of our temperature controlled storage units feature clean, well lit, hallways. In addition we have installed Digital Security Cameras for added peace of mind.

Our heating and air conditioning systems automatically maintain a temperature between 62 and 78 degrees, which protects your belongings from EXTREME temperatures. ALL of West Cantrell Self Storage’s temperature controlled buildings have electronically controlled access doors that require your personal access code to gain entry, which provides another layer of security that you won’t find at other Storage facilities.

As an added bonus we also feature stereo systems in our temperature controlled building for your listening pleasure.

Why should I consider Temperature Control?

  • Helps control moisture and humidity
  • Helps reduce dust and dirt.
  • Helps items in long term storage from getting that “musty smell”.
  • Helps control mildew.
  • Electronics, metals, etc. are less susceptible to rust.

All items which would normally be stored in your home or office should be stored in a temperature controlled unit. We recommend that household items such as art, antiques, furniture, clothes, leather goods, woods, fabrics, x-rays, medicines, cosmetics, magazines, appliances, computers, data media such as tapes and videos, and household items be stored in temperature controlled units.

Never use Mothballs when storing your belongings. They are extremely odiferous and West Cantrell Self Storage strictly prohibits the use of Mothballs in any of our units!

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